Equity bank is by far the largest bank in market capitalisation, having risen from a building society.

2. Equity Bank is the first bank to go digital and declare the ‘death of the branch’.

In a press briefing held at Radisson Blu hotel in Upper Hill on Tuesday October 11, Mwangi revealed that the bank had done a survey among its more than 11 million customers in different platforms, and from the survey they discovered the one thing Kenyans do not like is the branch.

This, coupled with information that Kenyans are largely on their mobile phones transacting money in the billions on a daily basis, informed their latest move to go digital and kill the branch. However, the branch remains for services such as SME and relationship banking, otherwise, the bus has moved already.

3. Equity Bank has the largest digital banking solutions…and an app! During the bank’s Eazzy Banking launch, Mwangi unveiled 8 digital tools that its customers and those soon to join its family (of which 1 in every 2 Kenyans joins Equity bank.

These tools offer customers easy and comprehensive banking experiences to support their financial needs, cash management, liquidity management, bill payments and cashless transaction settlements, all in a bid to make banking easy and a part of the customer’s lifestyle.

EazzyApp was also launched on the same day, and this has everything the customer does at the bank – literally, be it sending money, paying for commodities and bills, accessing Eazzy loans, checking the account balances and status, name it…it’s all in the app!

Eazzy Chama for investment groups also known locally as chamas. Eazzy Loans of up to Ksh 200,000 for those who want to borrow loans, there’s no more having to fill forms, or visit credit managers or get approvals.

Loans can be accessed through the EazzyApp or through the Equitel SIM Card (especially for those with ‘mulika mwizi’ or Kadudas) …no one is left out of the train.