7. How will you know if you want to be with someone if you don’t have sex with them? There is waaaaaaay more to a relationship than sex, and relationships between people who have sex end ALL THE TIME. Maybe you’re the one giving sex too much importance, not me.

8. Just wait until you go to college. Did you see my future? Am I going to meet the right person in college? If so, that’s awesome. But college itself probably isn’t going to change me.

9. That’s cute. Me making a decision for my life that’s not the same as yours is cute? That’s condescending.


10. Oh, you’re a bible thumper, huh? Waiting to make sure the first time you have sex it’s with the right person does not automatically make you particularly religious. Who even said I was waiting until marriage? But even if the reason I’m waiting is religious, it’s not something I have to explain or defend. Especially when you just suggested anyone who waits to have sex is a bible thumper, which is just rude.

11. Your boyfriend/girlfriend’s okay with that? They’re still my SO, so clearly they’re okay with the whole no sex thing.

12. I could never do that. No one asked you to.