EXPOSED:This LADY works at a local bank, her new salary after S£X with her boss will SHOCK you….HEHEE THE POWER OF YELLOW THAYOS!!

S3x scandals and rampant corruption have rocked National Bank of Kenya, which is at the brink of collapse.

According to snoops at the tumbling bank, senior bosses have transformed their offices into lodgings, where they satisfy their s3xual thirst.

Former CEO of National Bank, Munir Sheikh, who was sent on compulsory leave in March pending an internal audit after stealing millions, is said to have promoted his mpango wa kando, Rahab Runoh, after she supplied him with s3x.

Rahab was promoted to Director of Information Technology at the bank and her net salary raised to Ksh 850,000.

Although Munir has been suspended for stealing millions of shillings from the bank, he still receives his salary because other board members are his close friends and s3x pests like him.

Casuals laborers and interns at National  Bank of Kenya sleep with bosses so that they can be awarded permanent jobs, especially those attached to the Credit Risk Department.

They recently went for a team building exercise where s3x was…GO TO PAGE 2 TO CONTINUE READING>>>>>>.