Guys, when you’re having s3x how important is the tightness of your partner? Of course you can feel

the difference, and generally tighter feels better, but how does that compare to other things. Like how into it your partner is, how attracted you are to her body, how you feel about her emotionally. Same with me. Yeah, size makes a difference but as long as it’s long enough so we can do the positions I like, wide enough to feel, but not so big that it hurts I don’t really if it’s a little bigger or smaller.

Now I’ve been with lots of guys. I am a s3xy-positive, kinky, poly girl. I’ve had s3x with over 60 guys. I also have lots of toys so I know what an 8in d1ck really looks like. To be 100% honest I do have a hard time getting off if the guy is really short (less than 4 inches) or really thin (less than 3 in around). And guys who are bigger than 7 in long or really wide can be fun if I’m in the right mood, but the pain is definitely something that I can’t put up with every time I have s3x.

Once a guy is in the average range of 4.5 to 6.5 and reasonable width size becomes far less important. But I’d be lying if I said that size doesn’t matter. Of course a 4.5in d1ck feels different than a 6.5 d1ck.Of course a 4 inches of circumference feels different than 5. My hypothesis is in this range it really comes down to individual preference and you can’t generalize and say which size feels best. This is what people mean when they say size doesn’t matter as long as it isn’t too big or too small.

For me, I like to feel a little stretched but not so much that it hurts or s3x requires tons of foreplay. For me that’s right about 5 inches circumference. I also like…

feeling full and being feeling him deep inside me but cerv1x smashing is no good either. For me that ideal length is about 5.5 to 6 inches. A little shorter means my legs will be up over is shoulders for deeper penetration and a little longer means missionary or me on top.

However, the important thing to remember is that in that normal range, the feeling of a little more stretching or a little less stretching is pretty minor. Think about a girl who is a little bit tighter than another girl. The tightness isn’t what makes a difference for the quality of the s3x.

Also, I have a bunch of toys. Sometimes I want a huge dildo inside of me. When I’m in control it’s easier to take something big. That doesn’t mean I wish my partner had a d1ck that big. And it doesn’t make him feel smaller. If I use a big toy I do feel stretched out for about an hour. But then I’ve noticed that my muscles tighten up making me feel tighter than I would otherwise.

Also, I don’t go around comparing one guy to another. Unless I’m going back and forth between guys (which I do sometimes) in one session I might not even notice who is bigger…assuming the average range.

Anyway, I hope my honest comments have helped some people feel a little more relaxed about

all of this. Feel free to reply back with questions and I’d love to hear if other ladies feel the same.

Update: This post really took off. I’m a little surprised how much people care about one girl’s opinion. That said, due to the massive amounts of misogyny I’m done replying or reading comments. So many guys think that because I have a preference for larger guys it makes me a bad person. Even though that preference is small. Guess what, people can like what ever they want. I have a friend who gets off on huge d1cks. Her partner is over 8 inches and smaller doesn’t do it for her. But she is allowed to be attracted to whomever she wants. Doesn’t make her a bad person.

And you know what, I also like my guys tall, and fit. A visible 6-pack is fun. I prefer blond hair on a guy. A little bit tanned but not someone who spends all day in the sun. A like some body hair but not crazy amounts. I think it’s creepy when guys shave their pubes. I’m a human with preferences. I bet you all have preferences too.

There is too much of an attitude of bitterness and blaming women. A woman that knows what she wants is a slut while it’s expected that guys will want to see some young naked model with a perfect body.

Girls and guys are similar. I think that hot bodies are hot. P*n1s size is just one factor…

of many. And in the end it’s how all the factors come together that matters. Just because I have some set of preferences doesn’t mean I will be happy with someone who doesn’t meet all of them. However, I know I’d never be happy with a bitter misogynist who feels he is owed a woman.