3.Use your credentials and Reputation to Win the War on Corruption:
Because you shall have dissolved the cabinet,and sacked all your PSs blame your officers for all the ills in your Government and promise to deal with the issue Personally. Recruit Miguna Miguna as the Ombudsman and PLO lumumba as your Adviser on Ethics and Anti-corruption(Give him an office at Statehouse, then order him to do a lifestyle audit of all public servants within 30 days, freeze a few corruptly acquired assets using executive orders,by the time the courts are through you are already been re-elected.
Because Kenyans believe you have not benefited individually out of corruption, enlist them in your War on corruption not as a helpless President but as a fighter on their side.

4.Resolve the Doctors strike:
Let your personal Doctor have Lunch with the KMPDU officials, then summon their entire Governing council for a meeting at statehouse, Don’t invite CS and His PSs.Invite an economist to explain the implications of the CBA and the the advise you have received that is not in their interest (Cost benefit Analysis) agree on not more than 💯 % increase to be implemented in July.Re-Deploy the Government spokesperson to Police Headquarters under the able Leadership of IG BOINET.

5.Let the First Lady Speak out Against Corruption and Appeal for more accountability in your Government:
In your Wife, you have the Greatest political Asset, infact she has over a Million votes drawn across the political divide for her personal effort as a first Lady.Her reputation,Demeanor and Goodwill is Marvelous. she can provide the 50 1 %
6.Sack all the Sycophants who tell you that you are home and dry in this coming Elections:
Because they are close to you and assume you are not smart,relieve them of their duties when they tell you there is no voter apathy in your strongholds,and since they believe you are home and dry then you don’t need them.

7.Give DP William Ruto 10 Missed calls and 3 “Will call you back” messages.
In 2013 you needed Ruto more than he needed you or rather you were to be hanged together or hanged separately. In the coming Elections, Ruto needs you more than you need him, Like Moi would occasionally reach out to both his close friend and VP Saitoti, have Lunch with Isaac Ruto and his wife together with Margret without informing or being accompanied by William Ruto.Do the same with both the younger Moi and other renegade Rift Valley Leaders.They have said they have no Problem with you don’t allow their little votes to escape from your basket.You can still be deputised by DP Ruto and maintain your friendship without being enemy of his enemies.