4. Girls Stay in Groups Because They Lack Confidence
Maybe you guys finding it is so hard to talk to a random girl since they are always travel in groups in public. Gils like to hang out in groups because actually most girls lack of confidence so they do such thing to show a sense of power. That is the fact.

5. Girls Often Fl!rt With Guys And Play It Off as a Joke
This in one of their secret that they love to flirt. So if you think that a girl might be hitting on you, it may be true since they are enjoying to fl!rt but they don’t want anybody knows it, even the guy who they are fl!rting with. When they fl!rt with a guy, they want to test the water and see that if the guy is interested. But then when the guy fl!rts back, they will just play it off as a joke.

6. Girls Spend Most of Their Time Thinking About Guys
Yes, sure you know that girls are obsessed with guys. There is a poll that shown about the percentage of it. Girls spend 60% of the time to dedicate it to guys, 15% of the time to think about specific guy, and 20% of the time to think about guys in general. 7. Girls Spend a Lot of Time Looking in the Mirror
Girls pay attention to how they look more than guys. If guys spend only couple times a day to look themselves in the mirror, girls spend as often as possible to look
themselves in the mirror for many reasons; reapplying makeup, quick adjustment or just to check their selves out